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Online marketplaces such as eBay, Blocket and the Amazon Marketplace still continue to grow in value and revenue, as more shoppers turn to their smartphones to start selling their old items. It is estimated that eBay alone has 152 million active users worldwide, showing that these types of marketplace are alive and well.

The key to any great online marketplace is the communication between the buyers and sellers and by adding Sinch an online marketplace can help sellers and buyers communicate effectively and safely within their app.

The Solution

Anonymous calling

For some users selling their items on a public marketplace website, adding personal information such as phone numbers, emails and even addresses brings friction as users worry about their privacy. By integrating anonymous calling, your marketplace can let buyers and sellers call each other directly in your app with safe and secure anonymous calling without releasing any personal data to strangers.

In App Calling

Use in app calling to let your users make and receive calls between users directly inside your app. Collect call metadata for analytics and business intelligence as well as offering a low cost calling feature to your buyers and sellers.

Marketplaces can also use in app calling as an additional revenue stream, allowing users to add calling credit to their accounts and call other marketplace users, or just offering in app calling as a free feature taking advantage of data calling and VoIP.

International Calling

Marketplaces offer a fantastic business opportunity for those who sell lots of products online. Help your users expand their reach and the market share of your platform by integrating international calling into your marketplace app and let buyers and sellers from across the world connect to buy and sell products.


Help close the deal and use SMS to increase sales on your marketplace. Use SMS to verify user identity, notify users if they have received a message from a prospective buyer and alert buyers if a product they are watching has been sold or changed in price.

Additionally if the seller misses a call, send the seller an SMS with the prospective buyer’s information. You can even use SMS to drive app downloads through your website for an easy download procedure.

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