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The online dating industry has exploded over the past 5 years to an estimated value of $1.2 billion. From vast choice to complex selection algorithms, dating sites focus on providing the best features to improve the dating experience for their users in an increasingly competitive market. Researchers have found that voice is still a crucial part of the dating process, giving a personal touch that plays a deciding role in the success of a match. However, offering voice calling to a dating app adds a privacy issue that has been a problem for dating sites in the past. Many dating app users do not want to give away personal information such as phone numbers at an early stage of the dating process. By integrating voice in dating apps or websites, users can easily make calls from within the app to other users to get this personal touch. Read the article by our developer evangelist Christian Jensen to find out more about the impact voice has in dating apps.

The Solution

Anonymous Calling

Add a voice calling feature with anonymous calling to give a personal layer to your app. Calls are private and secure, protecting your users identity when using your service. No personal phone numbers or data needs to be shared and users can just make calls to each other with peace of mind. If calling is very popular, it could be added as a premium feature and take advantage of a new revenue stream for your business.

Added personal layer

Because voice plays such a big role in our attraction to others, voice calling could offer better matches and a unique dating experience for your users, with the added bonus of personal safety via anonymous calling.

Instant Messaging and Chat

Use the Sinch messaging SDK to build an instant messaging feature into your dating app to let users connect with each other before arranging a date. Instant messaging is much more natural and social than email, and offers a chance to connect before a call to determine a match. All of this can be built directly in your app with the Sinch SDK.

Send SMS

Use SMS to reach out to your dating app users and inform them of updates, notifications and more. Remind your users of dates they have arranged, use SMS as an alternative to push notifications to send updates from the app like “person X has liked your profile”, and re-engage your users that have not logged into your app for a period of time. Finally, for added security use SMS for two factor authentication to verify a users phone number or to ensure the right person is logging into their account via your app.

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