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SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications

What if you could send SMS Notifications to your users as an alternative to push notifications, and engage with users who do not have your app?

Using the Sinch SMS API, app developers can add this functionality to their Android, iOS and JavaScript applications. We even support backend servers with REST APIs, meaning you can send SMS from any of your devices and apps, to any cell phone number.

SMS messages are still used by millions of people everyday, giving you an amazing opportunity to reach out to an untapped resource.

With Push notifications, users must download the app and give permission to receive them. But with SMS Notifications, receiving a SMS as a notification is a feature every phone has, basic or smartphone, and has a much higher interaction rate with 97% of SMS messaging being opened and read within 10 minutes.

Learn more in our article what is the difference between Push Notifications and SMS?.

Plus, our SMS API comes at market leading prices! Contact the sales team for more information.


  • Update your users of changes and notifications in your apps
  • Connect with users who do not have the app by sending invites
  • Add an extra layer to a messaging app, sending SMS as well as instant messages

More Information

To get you started, we have written a great SMS Quick Start and some popular tutorials.

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