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Help send notifications to users who do not have your app via SMS as an extension of the push notification system. Notify users of missed events, confirmations, and changes, all via simple SMS.

Read more about how to use our SMS API to send SMS Notifications.

Two Factor Authentication

Add Two Factor Authentication to your applications and add an additional layer of security to user accounts. Read more about our Two Factor Authentication service.

Marketing Campaigns

Send campaigns and messages to your customers via SMS. Studies have shown that 97% of users read SMS within 10 minutes making SMS a faster marketing method to push campaigns and offers.

Drive Downloads

Remove the friction and add an option for your users to enter their mobile number and receive an SMS with a download link to your app. The Sinch system will then send an SMS to the given phone number helping your users find the right app to download with no effort. This feature could then be adapted to help collect SMS numbers for marketing messages at a later date.

download via SMS