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Strategy & Planning

Creating meaningful connections with consumers.

Sinch Engage’s seasoned crew of technologists, strategists, and creatives design brand experiences, leveraging mobile from the ground up.

Why? Because mobile isn’t just another channel, it’s the center of customers’ digital lives. Creating meaningful connections with consumers in this space, requires specialized knowledge. Our team has been carefully recruited, valuing deep expertise in user-design and CRM, to ensure each touch delivers results.

Reinvent the Customer Journey

Onboarding 1

On-Boarding: First 90 days

  1. Welcome video

  2. Account overview video

  3. Two-Factor authentication

  4. Account summary overview

  5. Service renewal flyer

Onboarding 2

Tenure: Next 8 months

  1. Auto pay flyer

  2. 3/6 month anniversary video/offer

  3. Auto pay flyer

  4. In-app voice call


Mature: 1+ years

  1. 1 year anniversary video/offer

  2. Device offer/upgrade offer

  3. SMS

  4. Yearly anniversary video