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Sinch Operator

Solutions for communication providers.

About Sinch Operator

Much of the success Sinch has enjoyed is due to the reliable and proven technology platform that powers many of the products and services we offer to our enterprise customers.

This is founded on the same technology that Sinch Operator offers to mobile operators and other communications service providers around the world with our operator product offering.

Sinch Operator offers software solutions for network infrastructure and services to create new wholesale revenue opportunities. We provide efficient and scalable solutions for messaging, charging & policy control, BSS, revenue assurance and fraud prevention that lets our customers differentiate their offers, safeguard their networks, and grow their businesses.

With a constant focus on supporting our customers in building revenues and providing future-proof products at a competitive total-cost-of-ownership, we have gained customers’ confidence all over the world. From Peru to Taiwan, and from South Africa to Iceland, Sinch is a trusted partner that helps operators succeed.

30 years experience

Although Sinch was established in 2008 (as CLX), Sinch Operator has actually been making waves in the mobile market selling innovative solutions to operators for over 30 years. Sinch Operator was founded in 1989, as Symsoft, and joined forces with CLX in 2009 when it was recognized as a key vendor in the market with a long track record of successfully serving Operators.

Since then, the Operator arm of the business has been providing a foundation of growth both within the operator and enterprise market alike. With the acquisition of additional companies over the years, we have been able to strengthen our portfolio and establish a unique position where we are an innovative vendor, as well as a wholesale customer of Operators. In 2019 we took the latest step in our journey by unifying all our brands under one entity, Sinch.