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Release notes

Verification Android SDK

Verification Android SDK

See how our platform is evolving. Keep track of new features, API versions and bug fixes.


Verification SDK Android 1.4.0

– Added support for SMS verification interception without SMS permissions for API level 26 and higher.


Verification SDK Android 1.4.1

– Minor changes and improvements


Verification SDK Android 1.4.0

– Improved internal logging.
– Improved APIs for sms language selection.
– Fixed a problem with adding excess permissions to the application manifest.


Verification SDK Android 1.2.0

– Fixed an issue where the Sinch SDK would hangup a non-Sinch flash call if the call had been active since before a flash call verification was initiated.
– Add support for external logger, see new method SinchVerification.setLogger(1).


Verification SDK Android 1.1.8

– Internal improvements to metadata robustness
– Enhanced logging capability for troubleshooting
– Improved multi-sim support


Verification SDK Android 1.1.6

Fixed a possible verification failure when a flash call starts ringing before verification initiation request is completed.


Verification SDK Android 1.1.5

Fixed a possible crash when querying phone metadata on some devices andĀ API levels before 18.


Verification Android 1.1.4

  • Early detection of flashcall attempt with high probability of failure. SDK will invoke failure callback for fallback to other verification method.
  • Shorter timeout of flashcall verification attempt for quicker fallback to other verification method.

Verification Android 1.1.3

  • Flash call verification report improvements for better service monitoring and quality assurance.

Verification Android 1.1.2

  • Fixed a rare crash when querying sms or call log database on some devices and API levels before 16.

Verification Android 1.1.1

  • Fixed a rare crash when unregistering call or sms listeners on some devices.

Verification Android 1.1

  • Introduced PhoneNumberUtils to allow for proper phone number formatting and displaying.
  • Added a PhoneNumberFormattingTextWatcher class that behaves exactly like the Android version, but allows setting a country code different from the default one on APIs before 21.

Verification Android 1.0.4

  • Fixed crash on unsupported operator code.
  • Fixed issues with error callbacks and anonymous calls after flash call verification succeeded.

Verification Android 1.0.3

  • Improvements for Flash Call detection

Verification Android 1.0.2

  • Fixed a rare crash when unregistering ConnectivityListener on some devices.
  • Fixed a rare crash when an empty number string was obtained from BroadcastReceiver on incoming call.

Verification Android 1.0.1

  • Fixed a rare occurence where two flashcalls would be received and the second one would ring normally.

Verification Android 1.0

  • Flash Call Verification GA
  • SMS Verification GA
  • Verification reports available in the Sinch Portal

Verification Android 0.9.0 Beta

  • First public release with support for SMS and flash call verification