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Text to Speech

Text to Speech

Power your applications to easily convert text to speech and read prompts aloud. Using Sinch APIs, you can setup text-to-speech with app to phone calling, phone to phone calling, or SIP, and with support for multiple languages to start driving customer engagement:

Deliver Messages with Voice Text-to-speech enables you to deliver important messages to your users without dependence on SMS

Pay as you go No setup fees or fixed fees. You only pay for answered calls.

Support for Multiple Languages Sinch supports 16+ languages, please click here to check out the complete list

Advanced Use Cases Text-to-speech can be applied to a variety of advanced use cases, from bank statement information to emergency notifications or even alarms for connected devices

Dynamic Voice Enjoy flexibility beyond pre-recorded prompts for dynamic announcements and messages that meet the needs of your users in real-time





Support elderly or vulnerable patients in the community by enabling messages to be read out loud for better understanding


Ensure last minute schedule changes don't get missed by enabling text message to be read out loud to customers on the go


Communicate vital banking information to visually impaired people and help them perform daily tasks with ease


Send time critical alerts in a language that can be understood - Text-to-Speech comes with support for 16+ languages!

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