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Anonymous Calling (Phone to Phone)
anonymous calling

Anonymous Calling (Phone to Phone)

Bring Phone to Phone Calling to your app using the Sinch SDKs and APIs. Use Phone to Phone Calling to offer anonymous calling in your app, and let users call each other without giving away personal phone numbers.

Native User Experience
Users place and receive calls from the native phone dialer for a familiar UX

No Reliance on Data
Phone to Phone calls are completed without requiring any type of data connection

Access to Global Markets
Reach users across the globe with local DIDs in hundreds of countries, enabling you to scale


Use Cases


Let drivers and passengers call each other with anonymous calling, without ever sharing a personal phone number


Users can connect to each other to share important and timely information about upcoming deliveries and other services


Help buyers and sellers connect while you expand your market share by integrating international calling into your app

Messaging Apps

Enable users to connect via masked phone numbers so that one-time calls don't require a phone number exhange


Businesses and patrons can initiate calls to each other from the app to confirm appointments, make schedule changes, or plan shifts