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Conference Calling
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Conference Calling

Embed conference calling into your apps for up to 100 participants on a single conference call. From VoIP to PSTN, Sinch offers a variety of ways to connect multiple callers with ease:

Mobile & Web Conference Calls
Users can call into a conference directly from your mobile or web applications

Fixed Number Conference Calls
Enable users to dial into a conference by calling into a fixed phone number

Conference Calls to a Participant
Trigger calls to fixed or mobile phones and connect all users to the same conference room

Incoming Event Callback
Play a prompt or text-to-speech message to each end user with further instructions or any custom message

Conference and Caller ID Information
Notify callers of who has joined a conference call and the number of users already on the call

Use Cases

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Team Collaboration

Users can make conference calls and reach others across the globe for ultimate productivity

Virtual Classrooms

Customize the layout of conference calls to benefit the needs of your users, from seminars to small tutoring sessions

Social Networking

Make your app even more social by giving users the ability to initiate a multi-party calls from your app

Webinars and Presentations

Users can call to join presentations or webinars from your mobile app, the web, or via dial-in on a fixed number for ultimate flexibility


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