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App to App Calling
app to app calling

App to App Calling

Leverage the Sinch SDK Our Voice-over-IP (VoIP) platform offers crystal clear voice quality through WebRTC and HD audio codecs Streamline the User Experience and Increase Conversions Add app to app calling for a streamlined UI and valuable in-app engagement opportunities with every customer Lower Your Costs Users can talk to each other over their data connections using WiFi calling, which means no monthly number rentals required


It's This Simple




id callClient = [sinchClient callClient];
[callClient callUserWithId:@"John"];
CallClient callClient = sinchClient.getCallClient()
Call call = callClient.callUser("John")
var callClient = sinchClient.getCallClient();
var call = callClient.callUser('John');

Use Cases


By integrating app to app calling in dating apps, users can easily make calls from within the app to other users for a personal touch.


The key to any great online marketplace is the communication between the buyers and sellers and by adding Sinch an online marketplace can help sellers and buyers communicate effectively and safely within their app


Retain control over the user experience, collect valuable call metadata for effective BI, and ensure user privacy with app to app calling

Enterprise Collaboration

Enable users to make free calls with WiFi calling and reach others across the globe for ultimate productivity

Social Networking

Make your app even more social by giving users the ability to call each other for extra stickiness and engagement