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SMS Verification

Keep log in & sign up secure

Secure login & sign up from unwanted visitors by
verifying user possession of number or
adding second-factor authentication.

  • Quick & easy set up

    Get going in minutes! Integrate with our REST API on your backend or SDK on the client. Nice & simple.

  • Every call & every SMS delivered

    We ensure carrier compliance with optimal routing, so you can be sure every SMS is delivered, every time.

  • Local regulations managed

    Sending abroad can be tricky. Different legislation & customs can be hard to navigate. That’s where our local knowledge in over 150 countries comes in.

Phone showing SMS verifciation

SMS Verification Pricing

Sign up & get started today!

  • Quick sign up, get started in 5 minutes!
  • Use free test credit
  • Easy to implement APIs & SDKs

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Facebook Account Kit is closing

If you need to find a new verification solution to secure your communities, look no further! Discover how to secure the login process and verify new users with Sinch today.