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Phone Verification

SMS Verification
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SMS Verification

Add Verification to your app to secure user data and authenticate users. With the Sinch SMS API, you can easily setup a simple, one time pin code system to verify user phone numbers across the globe and ensure your app stays secure. Using the REST APIs or Sinch SDKs, available for iOS, Android and JavaScript, we take care of the verification backend, from sending and managing the Voice prompts and SMS, so you just need to add the code.



Ensure only authorized people gain entry to restricted areas, SMS Verification can act quickly to verify identity and enable access if an access or key card has been misplaced


Make sure the sign up process for new customers is as pain free as possible. SMS Verification can streamline the process, validating identity to ensure ultimate security


Protect customers when they're setting up new direct debits or transferring money between accounts by sending a one time passcode via SMS to verify identity

It's This Simple




NSString* phoneNumber = @"+14154292072"; id verification = [SINVerification SMSVerificationWithApplicationKey:@""
Config config = SinchVerification.config().applicationKey(APPLICATION_KEY).context(getApplicationContext()).build();
VerificationListener listener = new MyVerificationListener();
Verification verification = SinchVerification.createSmsVerification(config, phoneNumber, listener);
var sinchClient = ({applicationKey: })
sinchClient.createSmsVerification (+14154292072)
verification.initiate(success, fail);

The Verification Advantage

App Security

Your backend sends a one time, verification pin code via SMS to a user's device for simple and secure verification

Delivery Success

Sinch ensures carrier-compliance with optimal routing so every SMS is delivered every time

Global Verification

Verify users in 150+ countries across the globe for an authenticated user base

Competitive Pricing

Send SMS verification codes starting from just $0.0075 and receive inbound SMS at no cost to you