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Flash Call Verification

Verified in a flash!

Protect yourself & your customers, by securing your app with
Flash Call - the more cost efficient & faster alternative to
traditional SMS One Time Password delivery.

  • Reduced friction

    Your customers don’t want to jump through hoops to get verified, they want a seamless, smooth experience. Sinch Flash Calling Verification makes sign up friction a thing of the past – numbers can be verified on Android, or web application, without any user interaction at all.

  • Speed

    Speed is of the essence! If you’re looking to verify customers quickly, which more often than not you will be, Flash Calling is the one for the job. The fastest option in the Verification family, Flash Calling gets the job done in well, a flash!

  • Lower your costs

    Everyone’s looking for a way to save money but still get a premium service. If you need to verify customers across the globe & don’t want it to cost the earth, verify with Flash Calling, with SMS as a fallback, to save up to 70% on One Time Password costs.

Side-by-side smartphones displaying the verification process before and after requesting it

Flash Call Verification

Sign up & get started today!

  • Quick & easy sign-up
  • Free test credit
  • Easy to implement APIs & SDKs