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Phone Verification

Flash Call Technology
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Flash Call Technology

Secure your app with Flash Call Verification for Android. Flash Call technology intercepts a verification phone call, allowing you to verify your users with no interaction required from the user. A Flash Call verification process is also much quicker than standard SMS PIN verification, which makes for a smooth and secure user verification service. Currently this service is only available for Android devices. Using our SDK, you can now integrate Flash Call verification into your existing apps with just a few lines of code.


Car Share

Verify driver or passenger details with 2FA Flash Calling to reduce sign up friction and increase security for businesses and customers alike


A secure and powerful way to validate sensitive account holder details, ensuring personal information remains safe at all times


Make sure the right person is signing for a delivery by verifying recipient identity using Flash Calling

It's This Simple


VerificationListener=new MyVerificationListener();

The Flash Call Advantage

High Security User Verification

Validate user phone numbers quickly and effectively using the Sinch Verification SDK or REST APIs

Lower Your Costs

Verify users with rates starting at just $0.0075 per successful verification anywhere across the globe

Delivery Success

Flash Call provides superior deliverability for successful verifications

Seamless User Experience

Significantly reduce the number of steps a user takes to be verified and reduce signup friction