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Personalized Rich Media

Personalized images & flyers direct to mobile

Take your text messaging to the next level by
sending powerful visual media including
pictures, color & visual branding.

  • Paint a picture

    We’ve all heard the saying - a picture really is worth a thousand words, it can speak volumes. So it makes sense that personalized mobile flyers must be worth a million words!

  • Increased engagement

    Send your customers content that’ll provoke a real reaction. Insert product photos, tailored offers or unique coupon codes to get them excited & watch engagement levels shoot through the roof.

  • High conversion rates

    Let’s look at the stats... personalized mobile flyers have driven 30% higher click-throughs & 50% higher conversion rates over standard SMS. Pretty impressive, we’re sure you’ll agree!

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It’s a fact – personalized mobile marketing can help you break through the noise and get your message across!