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Personalized Messaging Platform

Deliver fully-personalized, omnichannel
customer experiences.

Hand-crafted quality at an assembly-line scale.

Sinch Engage’s content engine delivers an unparalleled experience, with no limits on variability. Every customer experiences your message in the most relevant channel as if it was made just for them. It’s the only way you can push content to a mass audience while maintaining a 1-to-1 connection. The customer gets something relevant and considerate, while you get: less churn, fewer calls to your customer care center, more revenue and improved brand perception. It truly is the foundation for building an extraordinary customer experience.

Attributes, tools & services

  • Data hub
  • Segmentation targeting
  • Campaign management
  • Personalization
  • Publishing

    ▷ Email
    ▷ Web
    ▷ MMS
    ▷ RCS
    ▷ SMS
    ▷ WhatsApp
    ▷ Digital Ads
    ▷ Social

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Putting relevancy where it’s most relevant

Sinch Engage is the only mobile messaging platform that delivers true video, rich media, and content personalization. Customers’ phones are always on and always at hand—they’re deeply personal devices.

As a result, the content you push must be tailored to the individual if you’re looking to maximize engagement and minimize opt-outs. With our platform, you can deliver a wide range of media directly to your customer’s mobile device, and all your content can be fully personalized, at scale, with no limits.

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