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Personalized Acquisition Platform

Deliver more meaningful experiences &
increase brand relevance.

Sinch Engage’s dynamic video advertising platform lets brands make more meaningful, personal, and relevant 1-to-1 connections with their customers, superpowering acquisition campaigns.

Our content rendering engine and ad server leverages all targeting data available, shaping the video ad accordingly, and boosting relevance. In addition to personalized video ads, Sinch Engage’s dynamic rendering engine can support all forms of rich media, helping you manage your entire campaign end-to-end.

Yep, it’s compatible. Sinch Engage can easily work with your team’s current buying and planning practices. Our video personalization ad server is integrated with a wide range of digital partners, including most DSP, trading desks, and DMPs.

We also provide full transparency in reporting, letting you see your campaign’s performance at the publisher level.

Attributes, tools, services (anything the consumer is getting):

Key features of our advertising platform:

  • Hyper-targeted personalized video and rich media (including banner ads and native advertising)
  • Personalization optimization
  • Real-Time Bidding (RTB) or programmatic buying across an expansive network
  • Third party data marketplace to augment first-party targeting data

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