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SMS for 5G

SMS continues to be indispensable in 5G networks. Trust a messaging expert to help you evolve into the next phase of SMS.

  • Future-proof messaging

    The future of SMS is bright in 5G. Evolve your network with our SMSF and IP-SM Gateway to meet the messaging demands of tomorrow.

  • The messaging experts

    Messaging is in our DNA. From a top tier SMS firewall to a trusted SMSC and IP-SM Gateway, we understand SMS like no other. That’s why some of the world’s most demanding operators trust us with their SMS needs, and why you can too.

  • IoT revenue opportunity

    The IoT explosion is well and truly under way and SMS connectivity is an essential part of it. Thanks to use cases like device wake-up and over-the-air (OTA), billions of IoT devices will depend on SMS and our SMSF can help you capitalize on the opportunity.

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