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The new wholesale revenue opportunity for Operators

RCS MaaP is the entity of the RCS as a Service
offering that truly brings the revenue opportunity
to life. Operators oversee all the aspects of how
brands & chatbots elevate their engagement
with customers using a richer conversational
communication channel.

  • A stronger engagement

    RCS MaaP introduces a true two-way communication channel between brands and their customers. It is optimized not only to enrich engagement but also to allow for the introduction of chatbots as a complementary way for your customers to communicate with your business.

  • The trusted inbox

    Unlike OTT apps provided through various app stores, RCS is natively offered by the Operator through the trusted inbox.

  • Full control

    The Operator is at the center of the opportunity and in full control. Through a comprehensive solution consisting of billing, analytics and reporting capabilities, the Operator can ensure a superior quality of service.

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