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RCS as a Service

The new wholesale revenue opportunity for Operators

RCS is the next generation of A2P messaging that enables a richer conversational communication channel between brands and consumers. As a leader in messaging, we help Operators to monetize this new opportunity in an easy to consume ‘as a service’ solution.

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  • Comprehensive yet flexible

    The Sinch RCS as a Service offering includes all the capabilities to take this new service to your customers – where modularity is key and deployment options plentiful.

  • Operator friendly

    At Sinch, our entire focus is to help the Operator gain the maximum benefits from this new revenue opportunity. Now.

  • Retain the trusted channel

    SMS is being challenged by OTT alternatives as the trusted messaging channel. With the Sinch RCS as a Service, the Operator can reclaim the position as the provider of the undisputed premier channel for business messaging.

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What it takes to launch a successful RCS Business Messaging service

Sinch’s Robert Gerstmann, alongside A&T’s Neil McGrath, talk over key considerations when launching an RCS Business Messaging service and how major US operators are working to make it a success.