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Policy & Charging

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  • A powerful combination

    Our Consolidated Policy & Charging solution combines OCS and PCRF to give you a powerful toolbox to define any mobile offering.

  • Short time to market

    Our flexible configuration framework can define any market offer, letting you launch new services quicker than the competition.

  • Simplify your operation

    Our consolidated solution reduces network complexity, simplifying your operation when it comes to charging and policy.

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Create a real-time experience

Sinch Policy & Charging Control (PCC) focuses on online and real-time charging and policy applications to optimize both the end user and operator experience. 

The Sinch approach 

To enable PCC for the digital era we have introduced a model combining the Online Charging System (OCS), the Subscription Profile Repository (SPR) and the Policy & Charging Rules Function (PCRF), so that everything is in one place for ease of configuration, operation and integration.

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PCC integration benefits

  • It’s the first step towards becoming a Digital Service Provider (DSP)
  • Offers an optimized user experience based on the applications, products and services being used 
  • Optimizes network capacity 


The Sinch PCRF enables a well-managed network that distributes capacity fairly. Static rule settings allow for services such as charging more for higher bandwidth, or charging for content, rather than volume, to drive network usage and an optimized user experience. 

Use cases for PCRF are expanding into new areas of operator networks, where Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and dynamic sponsored data are managed from an IT or IMS network via the Diameter interface. Combining subscriber’s behavioral information from the OCS with PCRF functionality, Sinch can offer a unique tool to differentiate and manage each subscriber individually. 

PCRF benefits 

  • Centralized business logic, resulting in short time-to-market 
  • Consolidated core network integration with policy and charging functionality 
  • Consolidated IT integration for post-processing of data
  • Centralized administration of charging and policy setting, quotas and thresholds 
  • Service enablement through customer awareness 


Online charging opens up a world of possibilities!

The Sinch OCS has been developed to offer full freedom in creating market offers, allowing you to enjoy: 

  • Real-time control 
  • Dynamic packages and cross-service promotions 
  • New customers thanks to innovative offers and payment options on offer
  • Increased customer loyalty 
  • Increased revenue and improved cash flow 
  • Customized pricing, payment, service delivery and marketing communications based on usage patterns and current balances
  • Delivery of a fully personalized solution via our powerful API
  • Integration of BSS solutions

We are highly involved in the delivery, integration and migration of customer data from legacy systems as part of providing you with our OCS – we have decades of experience working with operators to help ensure maximum pay-off from your OCS investment.

OCS for competitive advantage 

  • Convergent service rating and charging – Rate and charge for any kind of service, including voice, messaging and data as well as complementary services or content purchases on the internet or via re-sellers 
  • Attractive payment options – Enable hybrid accounts where payment methods can be service-specific and bespoke
  • Complement legacy systems – Our OCS is flexible enough for niche segments and selected use cases, plus it enhances fraud prevention strategies while complementing legacy systems
  • Dynamic pricing and marketing – Create offers triggered by real-time service use, account balances or payment history to influence customer behavior and ensure a truly personalized experience
  • Reduced operations costs – Get full control over your service offering with our easy to use and seamlessly integrated admin interface to help you serve your entire customer base
  • Integrated policy control – Remove redundancy in subscriber and policy configurations, while creating opportunities for service enablement in addition to control functions

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