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MVNE Platform

Enabling successful brands

Attract market share with innovative offerings and differentiate the proposition of your MVNO faster than the competition.

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  • Configurability

    The Sinch solution gives MVNEs and MVNOs the flexibility to configure meaningful products & services that engage customers.

  • Trusted

    Thanks to our multi-tenant and globally proven platform, MVNEs and MVNOs can put their trust in our solution to serve any market segment.

  • Comprehensive APIs

    To support MVNOs in their mission to develop a differentiating proposition in a larger ecosystem, the Sinch MVNE platform offers a full range of APIs to help robust and secure integration.

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Create a superior customer experience in no time

Our MVNE platform is built from Sinch’s carrier grade components that have been successfully serving mobile operators for over 25 years.  

The platform is built for business logic configuration and has 3GPP telecom protocol support for painless integration to any network across the globe. It’s easily configurable through a comprehensive GUI with a wide range of parameters, allowing you to implement any product or offering in just a few hours. ​ 

MVNO platform

Consolidated Policy & Charging

Switching operators has never been easier for customers, and retention has never been more important for MVNOs. Succeeding in the mobile world today is all about creating superior customer experiences. At Sinch, we strongly believe in empowering subscribers so they’re in control of their products and services, offering this kind of flexibility ultimately means subscribers will stick with their operator.

From years of close collaboration with MNO’sMVNOs and MVNEs we know that subscriber expectation comes down to:

  • Freedom of choice
  • Customer centricity 
  • Low need for support
  • Easy disconnection 
  • Real-time activation and provision of new products and services 

Catering for these needs is critical for subscribers to feel in control, and for operators to keep churn to a minimum – real-time technology is key in enabling these qualities.  


Stand out from the crowd

Sinch’s real-time Consolidated Policy and Charging platform gives MVNOs and MVNEs the tools to design and implement processes based on real-time actions and data. This is your chance to be at the forefront of customer experience!

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Value Added Services

Sinch have been developing services tailored for mobile telecom operators for more than 25 years, our messaging and call completion solutions are used by some of the biggest telecom operators in the world.With the proven reliability of our VAS components as standalone services, we trust them to be part of our MVNE Platform. Their scalability and ease of operation makes them the perfect Value Added Services nodes for your MVNO or MVNE.​ 

  • SMSC
  • MMSC
  • USSD 
  • IVR
  • VoiceMail Service
  • Call Completion Services 
  • A2P SMSC
  • IP-SM-GW
  • SMS Menu 

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