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Signaling Firewall

Protect your subscribers, services & revenue

Shut down weaknesses in your
network & protect subscribers from
service disruptions, hijacks and fraud.

  • Innovative network protection

    Our Signaling Firewall, developed in partnership with the Sinch Security Research Program, goes beyond GSMA recommendations to defend against more than just ordinary signaling-based attacks.

  • Trusted partner

    We have years of experience in operator security and the signaling security space & we are an active participant in industry-wide forums like the RIFS GSMA group. To back it all up, we are recognized and accredited in the industry hall of fame!

  • In depth understanding

    Thanks to our extensive knowledge of international roaming, and having worked with operators for many years, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive protection in the industry.

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Weaknesses of an unprotected network

The signaling networks that modern mobile communications are built on have a number of inherent weaknesses. As more independent players such as MVNOs and micro-operators access networks, it’s become easier for those with malicious intent to exploit those shortcomings.

While we have for many years been an important contributor in responsibly identifying these vulnerabilities to the wider industry, some have been identified and exploited on a global scale for attacks on operators and individual subscribers. These exposed weaknesses have opened the door to:

  • Advanced fraud (including SMS fraud)
  • Hijacking of subscriber communications 
  • Subscriber location tracking 
  • Tapping of calls and messages 
  • Tampering with profiles to use services free of charge 
  • Partial or complete service disruption 

A growing risk

All of these threats rely to a large extent on insufficient filtering of signaling messages, meaning that non-authorized nodes can request subscriber information and update subscriber profiles in situations where this is not warranted.

This applies both to traditional SS7 signaling as well as Diameter signaling that’s being deployed to support LTE-based services. Unfortunately, the attack surface keeps growing as LTE roaming increases. 

Stay secure

Our pioneering work in signaling security research means that the Signaling Firewall we’ve built is one of the most secure available. Our Signaling Firewall protects your network against attacks over SS7 as well as Diameter by inspecting traffic and tracking sessions in real-time. Illicit messages and patterns can be blocked immediately, ensuring that third parties are unable to access subscriber information or modify subscriber profiles. With our intuitive GUI you can simply configure a set of rules and leave our SS7 diameter firewall to intelligently filter traffic and block specific attacks.

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Sinch rated Tier 1 Signalling Firewall vendor

Sinch have been singled out for their leadership and attention to detail, while also continuing to make a significant industry contribution.