Welcome to Sinch!

We’re excited to announce that our four business units – CLX Communications, Symsoft, Sinch & Vehicle – have unified and rebranded as Sinch.

We’ve been busy putting all our content on the new website, with more coming very soon.

Take a look around the new sinch.com website, we hope you like it.

We Are Sinch! Read the Press Release today! Read more
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SMS Firewall

Secure your business and unlock new revenue

Improve SMS security, combat fraud and
monetize enterprise messaging in
one easy solution.

  • Monetize messaging

    Without a sophisticated and updated layer of firewall protection you risk missing out on new revenues. Claim your fair share of the growing enterprise messaging business by filtering out unpaid routes.

  • Continuous protection

    For effective protection you need feature rich software, an understanding of enterprise messaging, and an update service. At Sinch we optimize relentlessly to ensure you're protected on all fronts.

  • Unique expertise

    Our messaging team have been involved in mobile messaging since the start, they helped shape the industry! Our unparalleled expertise and key insights can provide you with the edge you need to stay safe.

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