Welcome to Sinch!

We’re excited to announce that our four business units – CLX Communications, Symsoft, Sinch & Vehicle – have unified and rebranded as Sinch.

We’ve been busy putting all our content on the new website, with more coming very soon.

Take a look around the new sinch.com website, we hope you like it.

We Are Sinch! Read the Press Release today! Read more
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On your customers home ground

Make personal conversations easy by using
WhatsApp - an app so familiar it’s second
nature to many of your customers.

  • Display your brand

    Turn a profile into an extension of your brand & earn recognition and trust from your customers.

  • Be where your customers are

    Solve problems for your customers in real-time & send information to an app they already use.

  • Conversations at scale

    Scale on a platform that’s already in place and talk to customers all around the world.

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