Welcome to Sinch!

We’re excited to announce that our four business units – CLX Communications, Symsoft, Sinch & Vehicle – have unified and rebranded as Sinch.

We’ve been busy putting all our content on the new website, with more coming very soon.

Take a look around the new sinch.com website, we hope you like it.

We Are Sinch! Read the Press Release today! Read more

Long Numbers

Call locally, anywhere in the world

It’s simple. People trust what they recognize, &
with a local phone number - you’re halfway
through their door already!

  • Start a conversation

    Allow your customers to respond to your messages & start using everything from personal content in campaigns to automated processes.

  • Build trust as a local

    Use a number specific to each country to make customers feel confident in the message from the first buzz of the handset!

  • Get up & running fast

    Barely no paperwork, waiting time or drama. Get your number fast & cheap, usually within a week & get started immediately.

2-Way Coverage

Using either a Long Number or Shortcode you can start a 2-way conversation with your customers today!

  • Global Coverage
  • 2-way availability

Long Numbers Pricing

Start a conversation today!

  • Sign up online – it takes 5 seconds!
  • Start testing with free test credit
  • Request a long number in the customer portal & get talking!