Secure every step of the customer journey with a single API

Cost optimization

Verify numbers quickly and easily with customizable fallback driven by intelligent data. 

Enhanced UX

Forget worries about choosing the right verification method and focus on security instead. Delivery method auto-selection chooses the best route every time. 

Easy integration

Fight fraud before it starts. Unified Verification takes multiple verification solutions and combines them into one simple, easy-to-use, scalable API. 

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Verify phone numbers from apps, mobile or desktop devices

Depending on use case, device, and country, auto-selection chooses the most suitable verification method. Automatic fallback will step in and handle any attempts that go astray.

United verification scenario

How Unified Verification helps businesses across multiple industries


Verify ID during sign-up, ensure security when connecting passengers and drivers and reduce the average cost to get new customers on board, literally.


Add security to online transactions, minimize new customer drop-off, reduce cart abandonment, and increase revenue. 

Dating apps

Use mobile devices for two-factor (2FA) and simplified one-factor authentication (1FA) during registration and login to increase security, reduce churn, decrease duplicate accounts, and boost CX. 

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Secure, global, intelligence-driven verification

Optimized verification to suit your individual needs. A tailored mix of channels to suit your use case for the best possible UX, conversion rate, and cost. New verification channels added when they're available; no redevelopment required!

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One API to auto-select the #1 verification route

Enjoy a simple, easy-to-use, all-in-one solution with built-in fallback. We'll take care of all the heavy lifting with intelligent data to optimize verification methods based on your needs and business goals.

Let Sinch's data science take control


Tailored verification to suit your needs - optimize for user experience, latency, conversion, and cost! 

Intelligent verification

Our Verification intelligence orchestrates method selection and minimizes false rejections.

Global coverage 

Reach every phone on the planet with verification that suits each and every individual need. 

High security

An ISO27001-certified solution, governed by EU GDPR and enabled through cryptographically secure code generation and storage.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Unified Verification? 

    Unified Verification is a single API that optimizes and auto-selects verification methods and fallbacks with global coverage and high security, using intelligence-driven data. 

    Unified Verification drives down costs, helps customers reduce churn, increases revenue, and customer satisfaction. 

  • What verification methods does Unified Verification use? 

    Verification methods used include SMS, voice, flash call, and more as they become available. 

    Sinch tailors each verification request for your specific needs and use case by selecting an optimal mix of available channels to offer the best UX, conversion rate, and cost. 

  • Will I need to redevelop my app when new verification methods are released? 

    No. Unified Verification exists to make things as simple as possible so, when new verification methods are released, they will automatically be built into the Unified Verification API and made available to you without any re-design required on your side. 

Are you ready? Secure your platform and start building loyalty today!

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