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Virtual Long Numbers

Be local - on a global scale

It’s simple. People trust what they recognize, &
with a local phone number - you’re halfway
through their door already!

  • Start a conversation

    Allow your customers to respond to your messages & start using everything from personal content in campaigns to automated processes.

  • Build trust as a local

    Use a Virtual Long Number specific to each country to make customers feel confident in the message from the first buzz of the handset!

  • Get up & running fast

    Barely no paperwork, waiting time or drama. Get your number fast & cheap, usually within a week & get started immediately.

A smartphone displaying an A2P SMS sent from a Long Number

2-Way Coverage

Using either a Virtual Long Number or Short code you can start a 2-way conversation with your customers today!

  • Global Coverage
  • 2-way availability
Graphic of the world map displaying Sinch Long Number and Short Code coverage

Virtual Long Numbers Pricing

Start a conversation today!

  • Sign up online – it takes 5 seconds!
  • Start testing with free test credit
  • Request the activation of a Virtual Long Number in the customer portal and get talking!