Boost business with Voice Calling

Reinvent customer support

Automate switchboards and customer call centers with programmable voice solutions to handle more calls and reduce response time.

Reduce revenue leakage

Anonymize phone numbers between sellers, buyers, drivers, or service providers to protect your business and individuals. 

Secure sign-up and login

Verify users via a simple phone call with a customizable message to their mobile or landline number to keep platform access secure.

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Build conversations where they matter

Add voice calling, then sit back and enjoy higher engagement, reduced costs, and the ultimate in automated flexibility.

Keep it simple and scale faster with a complete solution powered by a global carrier network for high-quality voice calling and guaranteed call delivery. 

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Top-notch quality and cross-platform support

Our programmable Voice API reaches customers on any platform or channel! Integrate PSTN, SIP, and VoIP calling to manage calls on apps, web browsers, mobile phones, or landlines. 

Enjoy a high-quality voice experience, optimized delivery routes, and carrier super network - all in one place. 

Build the call experience you need

Not a developer? Not a problem! Use our web portal to make your first call in just a few simple steps - no coding required.

Get started in a snap with our user-friendly, scalable Voice API:

  "method": "ttsCallout",
  "ttsCallout": {    
  "cli": "+14045001000",    
  "destination": {      
  "type": "number",      
  "endpoint": "+14045005000" 
  "locale": "en-US",    
  "text": "Hello, this is a call from Sinch."  


Build a custom voice flow for your business with our Voice API


Get your hands on local or national mobile and toll-free numbers for calling in 70+ countries - no need to deal with local number polls.

Call recording

Get smart and step up customer communications - record all calls with a phone call app - inbound and outbound!

Recorded prompts

Upgrade the customer experience with pre-recorded phrases in customized online phone conversations.

Interactive Voice Response menus

Improve call center performance and enhance the customer experience with programmable IVR systems. 

Answering machine detection

Filter out answering machines and let contact center agents connect and focus on live calls only.

Voice-based IVR

Let callers interact with the IVR and respond to prompts verbally - our new Voice IVR has speech recognition! 

SIP integration

Enjoy maximum flexibility and make sure your voice calls always take the shortest and quickest route with our SIP platform. 

Conference calling

Gather up to 100 people together in one online phone call, forget expensive travel costs, and connect with anyone anywhere in the world. 


Reach more people with minimal effort. Our text-to-speech feature turns text into audio and supports multiple languages.

Pay as you go

Enjoy reduced costs compared to in-person meetings with no upfront payments, no hidden charges - pay for what you use when you use it.

Number masking

Protect your business and your customers while keeping personal numbers safe and sound with anonymized voice calls.

Local presence

Boost brand recognition and build trust by adding local 10DLC numbers for more personal two-way conversations.


Help customers feel confident picking up phone calls - when they don't trust the caller ID, they'll ignore even the most genuine call.

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Got questions? We've got answers!

  • What's the difference between phone calling and data calling?

    Phone calling is a traditional telephone call - both the caller and the person being called are using a phone line via a mobile device or a landline. Data calling is a software-based call with audio and/or video information sent over the internet between the caller and the person being called.

    Once integrated into your app, users can make calls from their computers or mobile devices. 

  • How do I get started with Sinch phone calling?

    It’s simple! First, create an account on the Sinch portal. Then, create a voice application, and you’ll receive a set of credentials (Key and Secret). With these credentials, you can use our REST APIs to trigger and receive calls, bind multiple calls into a conference, manage your call flow via our callback API, and more. You can also rent and manage phone numbers. 

  • How do I rent numbers?

    You can easily find numbers from a wide range of countries in the portal - just sign in! Some countries require a local presence and additional company information before we can source you a number. If you’re interested or have any further questions, please talk to us. 

  • Can I integrate Sinch Voice Calling via SDK?

    Users usually integrate our Voice Calling via our calling and callback REST APIs. At the moment, we offer a C# backend SDK available as a NuGet. New SDKs will be available in the future. 

  • Can I voice-enable my local 10DLC number?

    Absolutely! Apart from SMS and MMS, 10DLC supports voice calls.  And of course, with our super network, carrier-grade platform, and deep technology knowledge, you’re sure to get a top-notch, cost-effective voice solution!

Our pricing page is on the way! In the meantime, get in touch to discuss pricing

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Video Calling

Build a seamless, customizable video experience into your mobile and web app.

Data Calling

Use our app-to-app phone calling SDK to build trust and deeper relationships with your customers.

Number Masking

Masking numbers to anonymize voice calls can protect you and your customers while keeping personal numbers safe.

Phone Call Verification

Global call verification for mobile and landline numbers - Verify any user, anywhere!


Fight back against robocalls, increase call answer rates, and build consumers' trust.
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