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Reach out globally and connect personally with a voice call

Design the exact call flow you need with flexible and scalable solutions from Sinch.

Sinch Arc

An enhanced customer experience and more flexible business

With Sinch you get one single vendor for a complete voice-calling solution and global carrier network

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    Increase engagement

    Add voice-calling capabilities to your business for an enhanced and more personalized user experience.
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    Optimize your business

    Reduce costs and add flexibility by automating and moving your customer and employee communications to the cloud.
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    Scale in comfort

    Connect to our carrier networks around the world. It’s easy, affordable & helps you scale globally faster.
Two phones displaying the Number Masking capabilities of the Sinch Voice SDK

Competitive and transparent pricing

With our direct local operator connections and intelligent routing we ensure your verification message is delivered quickly, reliably and at the best price.

Get started

Build the exact call experience you need


Non developers

Boost your business and build with confidence with our programmable Voice API

  1. Create an account without a credit card
  2. Create your first App – (App Key & Secret)
  3. Trigger a text to speech voice callout
  4. Send verification request to phone number to verify
  5. Answer your call
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curl --location --request POST 'https://calling.api.sinch.com/calling/v1/callouts' \ 
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic {token}' \
--data-raw '{
"method": "ttsCallout",
"ttsCallout": {
"cli": "+AAAAAAAAAAA",
"domain": "pstn",
"destination": {
"type": "number",
"endpoint": "+BBBBBBBBBBB"
"locale" : "en-US",
"prompts": "#tts[Hello, this is a test call. Bye!]"

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  1. Is simple to use - no coding skills required
  2. Initiate your first call with Sinch in several simple steps

Use cases

How Voice Calling can boost your business

Reduce revenue leakage

Enable in-app voice calls between sellers, buyers, drivers, or service providers while anonymizing their phone numbers. With our Number Masking feature, you can safeguard their identities. And as a perk, keep conversations tied to your platform, so your users do not engage outside of it.

Increase efficiency & reduce costs

Accelerate digitalization by automating traditional switchboards and customer centers with programmable voice solutions. Handle more calls, reduce the time needed to attend to requests, and enhance customer experience by connecting them to the right agent, all with easy-to-implement and scalable Voice API.

Secure sign-up and login

Add another layer of access security to your application by adding Voice call Verification to your signup and sign-in process. Deliver One-Time Passcodes (OTP) via voice text-to-speech, making sure numbers can still be verified regardless of where your customers are in the world.


Build a custom voice flow for your business


With our call API, there is no need to deal with local number polls. You can acquire local or national mobile and toll-free numbers for calling in 70+ countries.

Conference calling

Gather up to 100 people in one online phone call, lose the travel costs, and share ideas with anyone in the world.

Call recording

Record all inbound and outbound calls via a phone call app, get smarter and make customer communications even better.

Answering machine detection

Detect and filter out answering machines, so your agents can be connected with live calls only.

IVR menus

Improve contact center performance and enhance customer experiences with modern and programmable IVR systems.

Voice based IVR (Open Beta)

Let callers interact with the IVR and respond to prompts using spoken language, all available with the new Voice IVR with speech recognition.

Recorded prompts

Use pre-recorded phrases to customize online phone call conversations and make the customer experience more pleasant.


With audio automatically generated from typed text alongside multi-language support, you can reach more people with minimal efforts.

SIP integration

Let every online phone call pass through our SIP platform to achieve maximum flexibility, allowing your voice calls to travel the shortest route always.


When people can’t trust that callers are who they claim to be, they stop answering even legitimate calls. Caller ID authentication ensures that customers feel confident saying hello rather than dismissing a call.


Phone calling

We don’t charge any upfront payments. You pay for what you use, when you use it – no hidden charges.

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    Quick sign up, get started in 5 minutes!
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    Use free test credit
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    Easy to implement APIs & SDKs

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Start elevating your business with Voice API from Sinch :

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    Make, receive & monitor calls globally
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    Enhance user experience
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    Accelerate digitalization
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