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Fight back against robocalls and increase call answer rates

Reduce the number of spoofed robocalls and build consumers’ trust so they’re confident incoming calls are legitimate.

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Prevent unlawful robocalls with call authentication

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    Improve customer experience

    Fight against fraudsters that illegally spoof caller IDs and bother your customers. Give customers a reason to start picking up the phone again.
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    Establish voice security

    Restore the value of voice by allowing customers to see that your call has been authenticated with a trust indicator like a checkmark or “Caller Verified” text.
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    Increase call answer rates

    When people can’t trust that callers are who they claim to be, they stop answering even legitimate calls. Caller ID authentication ensures customers feel confident saying hello.

Help customers know who’s really calling

STIR is short for Secure Telephone Identity Revisited and SHAKEN stands for Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs. Together they’re authentication standards, allowing for verification that calls come from a real caller ID.

STIR/SHAKEN attestation given to calls is an important input that can improve the reputation score of your phone calls making your customers feel more comfortable answering your legitimate calls. 

Increase transparency and trust in phone calls

Let end users know your calls are legitimate with the STIR/SHAKEN solution.

Feature benefits

Take steps to restore and build consumer trust

Standard expertise

This is an industry-standard caller ID authentication technology, so you can feel confident in a solution that’s backed by federal and industry best practices.

Trust indicator

When adopted, carriers can present a trust indicator, like “Caller Verified,” to recipients’ phones letting them know it’s ok to pick up and say hello.

Phone hijacking traceback

If a caller abuses STIR/SHAKEN, they will be held accountable with near-instant traceback by regulatory groups and law enforcement.

Spam protection

Mitigate spoofed robocalls and, in turn, increase answer rates by reducing the number of legitimate calls marked as spam.

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Build trust and fight robocalls with STIR/SHAKEN:

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    Enhance customer experience
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    Improve voice security
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    Increase call answer rates
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