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Instant Message

Instant Message

Monthly active users
Monthly active users
Instant message pricing based on active connections to Sinch in the foreground and APNS/GCM in the background. View the docs for more info.


What are active connections?
An active connection keeps your app "always on" and can execute while in the background. This is the option you would use if you are not interested in using remote push notifications. For Android, read more here.

When an iOS app enters background mode, all its sockets are closed by the OS. Active connections are when your VoIP app is set up to keep a socket connection alive even when the application moves into the background. Read about active connections in the iOS documentation.
How do I know if my app is set up for active connections in the foreground or background?
Whether the app will be allowed to execute while in background depends on whether you as a developer choose to enable VoIP push notifications and/or Active Connections. When an application is no longer in the foreground, the user must be notified of an instant message by means of either a local notification or a remote push notification. Learn more in the documentation.
How much is Instant Message with active connections in the foreground and background?
If you do not want to use push notifications and would prefer that your app be able to execute from the background, please contact sales for more information on pricing.
What are APNS and GCM?
Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) enable your iOS and Android apps to send push notifications. APNS/GCM in the background means your app will alert users of an incoming message via push notifications instead of active connections in the background. Please review your options in the Android and iOS documentation.
Is there an additional monthly fee to use Sinch?
No additional fees, no commitments. Pay as you go and as you grow for easy scale.