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Operator Opportunities

Preventing Fraud

Protect your network from fraud and put an end
to unbillable traffic.

As a Communication Service Provider, you need to deliver reliable connectivity, protect your customers’ privacy and collect revenue from the services you deliver, all while safeguarding your network against threats.

You need to care about fraud because it’s a threat to:

  • Customer trust Vulnerabilities in your network can be exploited to access sensitive subscriber information such as location or communications and also to defraud your subscribers by hijacking their accounts
  • Service quality Attacks can shut down connectivity for individual subscribers or even your entire network
  • Revenues Network vulnerabilities can be exploited to prevent you from collecting revenues for the services you deliver to your subscribers


Controlling fraud presents unique challenges. Due to the nature of communication services, service delivery is immediate with no ability to hold a transaction while evaluating it. Because of this, you need to monitor and filter service delivery automatically in real-time, using a filtering solution to aggregate information from several systems to make an informed decision on every piece of information passing through. Real-time control of subscriber spending is another integral part of protecting customer accounts, as is looking out for exposed vulnerabilities when subscribers are roaming.


A well-protected network offers value to you and your customers in several ways:

  • Improvement in customer satisfaction – the key to loyalty and competitive edge
  • Customers and revenues are protected – a win-win
  • Service availability is secured against attacks – ensuring a consistent and stable network
  • Revenues increase – business growth opportunities and market share gains