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Operator Opportunities

Monetizing Wholesale

Non-traditional opportunities to increase revenue.

We know winning new subscribers is increasingly becoming a zero-sum game which puts increased pressure on prices, resulting in fewer prospects for long-term growth.

In the current market, creativity is key. Wholesale offers opportunities to grow revenue from non-traditional sources and leverage the market access of virtual operators wanting to offer mobile services to niche segments:

  • Enterprises and organizations have created a market for terminating A2P SMS
  • The MVNO business model enables operators to sell capacity wholesale to external parties


The wholesale enterprise messaging opportunity is growing rapidly – enterprise messaging revenues are about to overtake traditional text messaging revenues, but in order to profit from this growing market, you must protect your network from traffic being sent on grey routes i.e. routes that are not monetized.

To reach those in the MVNO market, you need to remember that the customer comes first and that dedicated solutions that allow MVNOs the flexibility to reach niche segments, while separating MVNO operations from the operator’s own offering are key.


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