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International Calling

International Calling

Add international calling to your app to call across the world at a competitive price.

Why International Calling

Use data and Wi-Fi calling to save costs and avoid calling and roaming charges from operators and networks. With the Sinch SDK, all calls are kept within the app and not the native phone dialer.

Adding International Calling lets your app break out as a communications app and start calling regular landline and cell phone numbers straight from your app.

Expand User Base

Expand your app into new markets and reach out to non-app users with international calling. Let your users call 229 counties across the world directly in your app.

New Revenue Stream

Offer low cost international calling to your users as a new revenue stream. Let your users add credit to their accounts to call friends, family and businesses across the world for a fraction of the cost of traditional international calls.

Communication Layer

Bring your users closer together without the complexity of hosting your own backend and hardware. Just integrate the Sinch SDK and with a few lines of code, your app can start calling app and phone numbers anywhere in the world. Read more information in the documentation and see our price list for calling process across the world.

More Information

For more information on how to get started with Sinch, take a look at our documentation, read about our Voice API or contact the sales team to learn how Sinch can bring International Calling to your app.