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The state of consumer mobile engagement 2020


Our mobile consumer engagement 2020 report was ground-breaking, exploring how brands deliver exceptional mobile experiences. Here, Michael Ricci from Oracle joins Sinch CMO Jonathan Bean to discuss what it all means. Watch the video now!

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Why you need to watch this webinar...

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    Exploit the opportunity gap

    Consumers are ready to receive notifications across many vertical markets, but businesses aren't building their engagement strategies with this in mind. It's high time that was remedied
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    Still using email?

    Here's a takeaway from our report for you - mobile messaging is 35x more effective than email! Messages simply aren't ignored. Check out how to move in the right direction in 2020!
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    Discover how to keep it simple

    In our report, we unearthed the staggering stat that 88% of consumers would find it useful to have all mobile chats take place on their phone in a native app. Let's make consumers' dreams come true
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    Hear it from the horse's mouth

    Jonathan Bean has won multiple marketing awards and alongside him, Michael Ricci from Oracle is one of the godfathers of mobile! Don't miss out on what the experts have to say
Tablet displaying Sinch's State of Consumer Mobile Engagement 2020 webinar
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