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Signaling security from 3 perspectives


Signaling security is a hot topic with very real risks that affect billions of subscribers worldwide. The industry has responded with methods to quantify and measure these risks, testing vulnerabilities and mitigating attacks. However, we are often only told one half of the story. Watch the video now!

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Why you need to watch this webinar...

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    Gain different perspectives

    For a nuanced topic such as this, there are many different viewpoints. In this webinar, we bring together the operator, the vendor, and the auditor to discuss Signaling Security from each perspective
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    Hear from industry experts

    As experts in our field, we're delighted to be joined by fellow trailblazers in GSMK and Orange. With great minds like these in one place, it's no surprise that this webinar was in such high demand!
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    Discover how we can work together

    There are security challenges in all corners of the ecosystem, affecting everyone. Here, we outline what each party can do to overcome the issues that face mobile network technology
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    Come and learn!

    Signaling security is a niche area - to say the least! You might not have heard of it, but it plays a huge part in your digital life. Watch the recording to learn a thing or two
Laptop displaying Sinch's Signaling Security webinar, alongside GSMK and Orange
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