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Personalization 2.0: How to excel in mobile marketing in 2020


It’s a fact – personalized mobile marketing can help you break through the noise and get your message across! Watch the recording of our webinar on Sinch Engage to find out how personalization is shaking up the industry. Watch the video now!

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Why you need to watch this webinar...

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    Customer engagement is changing

    We take a look at the evolution of customer engagement, and the choice of channels brands have to speak to their customers today. Favoured content is personal, rich, relevant, and interactive - consumers expect so much more today than they did in the 1980s!
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    Use cases

    We run through the multitude of markets and use cases where personalized messaging is being used. From travel to banking and retail to telecoms, we give examples of how you can improve the customer experience by introducing personalized messaging into the mix
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    Engagement rates

    We discuss different channels of communication and how they stack up against each other when it comes to engagement. Want to find out what the percentage difference is between SMS/MMS and email when it comes to driving action or CTRs?
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    Why personalization works

    We dive into the stats on how much more powerful mobile video is than TV advertising and how keeping it personal is key in maintaining relevance, increasing conversions, and making customers feel more connected to your brand
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