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Why are 1 in 3 enterprises planning to use RCS?


Read up on how RCS is moving out of the innovation stage into a mainstream channel that enterprises need to start taking seriously. Download the eBook now!

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Why you need to read this eBook...

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    The technology

    Juniper research forecast that the RCS market will exceed $9 billion in value by 2022. Pretty astounding stuff. It’s stats like this that explain why OTT providers are moving beyond P2P communication and into the enterprise messaging space
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    The enterprise

    Consumers are paying less attention to digital advertising – it’s a fact. But when it comes to mobile advertising they are lapping it up. RCS is expected to transform the way brands communicate with their customers and enterprises need to get on board!
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    The market

    RCS has been debated and discussed in the industry for quite some time now, but 2019 is being touted as the year that it’ll hit the mainstream. If you’re looking for stats to back it all up, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for
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    The consumer

    Could text conversations with RCS bots solve the eternal problem of customer frustration when trying to get hold of someone in customer services? Our friend Tim Green certainly thinks so, find out his thoughts on the true value of RCS for enterprises
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