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What do consumers really want when it comes to video?


We went out and did some primary research on how end users and enterprises feel about video calling – there’s a few surprises in store! Download the report now!

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    Video is already being used

    38% of brands are already making the most of video calling in apps like Skype. 46% are thinking about using video calling to reach their customers. For more stats and figures, download the guide and get the full picture!
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    Banks are primed

    Banks came up trumps as the industry most likely to take on video calling, nearly 30% said they were likely to start using it within the next 2 years. Added to that, 24% of consumers might consider switching banks to a provider that offered video calling – powerful stuff
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    The appeal is growing

    After speaking to 1,250 enterprises and 5,000 consumers across 5 different countries, we were worn out. But we also found that nearly 40% of consumers are ready and willing to have video calls with brands and businesses just like yours
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    An early adopter advantage remains

    Despite all the positive signs, only 24% of those we spoke to could name a brand that offered video calling. Don’t be discouraged though, this represents a huge opportunity for enterprises to get a head start and make a name for themselves!
A copy of the Sinch whitepaper: How Consumer Demand is Shaping the Future of Video Calling for Enterprises
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