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How are cloud services changing the telco landscape?


Today’s mobile operators are facing the challenges of lower margins and increasing competition from new entrants who are fundamentally changing the telco landscape. One key driver of this change is the increasing viability of cloud services. Download the whitepaper now!

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    Challenger operators have changed the game

    CSPs have traditionally monetized the telecom area, but challenger operators are now questioning everything that drives the cost of delivering communication services. Their flexibility enables them to move quickly and pursue ideas more easily than the traditional players. Put simply, they're disrupting the landscape for good
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    Use cases

    For CSPs considering the use of cloud services, there are use cases that can immediately provide proven opportunity for success. These include use by IMS services and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), as well as for Network Slicing, a concept evolved within 5G design
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    Benefits for operators

    The move to a cloud-based model is being driven by the overall value proposition of everything as-a-service (XaaS), which includes substantial benefits for a successful modernization of how these services are provided, including deployment speed, agility, and fewer specialist competencies required, and that's just for starters!
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    Key considerations

    It should be noted that XaaS isn't the optimal choice for applications that require signification customizations or are subject to regulatory requirements. However, for its use cases, the CNaaS architecture must provide multiple and flexible integration interfaces that are highly scalable to ensure an attractive, long-term solution
CNaaS - The Exciting New Cloud Service Alternative
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