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10DLC: The future of conversational messaging

On-demand webinar

Do you send SMS to US customers? If you do,  it’s time to get ready for 10 Digit Long Codes – the new sanctioned conversational messaging solution. 

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Getting started with 10DLC messaging

Soon businesses will no longer be able to text customers using traditional long codes and shared short codes. We advise you to start building 10DLC strategies now. 

Join us, along with The Campaign Registry (TCR), in this on-demand webinar for updates on the status of 10DLC, tips on best practices, and how to move your messaging campaigns to 10DLC. Fill in the form above to get your webinar recording.

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    Understand the challenges of traditional long codes and shared short codes and how 10DLC will address them
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    Get insights into 10DLC features, including throughput rates, delivery rates, provisioning time, and more
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    Learn how to launch a 10DLC campaign and how Sinch can support you in the process
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    Get insights on real-life use cases, commercials, and non-compliance fees

Experts hosting this webinar:

Stefan Heller

VP of Business Development , TCR

Niki Shahnavaz

US Product Manager , Sinch

Jonathan Vimont

Director US Messaging , Sinch

Sinch Arc

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