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Operator Opportunities

Secure your network from SS7 attacks

Protect your business. Protect your subscribers.

Subscriber privacy and subscriber funds, service availability and operator revenues are all under threat of attack due to the increasing access to SS7 Signaling network used for mobile communications.

Initially, the SS7 network operated on trust – security was not prioritized, but due to huge network growth and more players gaining access than ever before, we’ve seen vulnerabilities exposed by fraudulent actors.


Understanding how networks are exposed and actively working to provide better protection against attacks will ensure a secure service.


There are two key capabilities that are essential for any solution protecting against SS7 attacks:

  1. Configurable filtering based on all relevant traffic parameters – identifying illicit traffic requires inspection of several fields in SS7 packets.
  2. Stateful analysis of SS7 traffic – many attacks can be recognized by looking at individual packets, but instead must be analyzed in context.

A dedicated SS7 firewall can tackle both of these issues and can also provide a centralized point for protection, offering simple administration when compared to configuring filters on lower-level traffic elements.