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WEBINAR: Signaling Security from 3 Perspectives: Operator, Vendor & Auditor

Location: Online

29 October 2019

Sinch Arc

You’ve seen Signaling Security in the news, we even talk about it at industry events, for good reason. It affects billions of subscribers around the world – and the risks are very real.

The industry has responded with methods to quantify and measure these risks, but often, we are only told one half of the story!

Join Sinch on the Tuesday, October 29th at 14:00 CET for an hour of industry insight with our Software and System Security Advisor, Fredrik Söderlund. He will be joined by Tobias Engel from GSMK, as well as Guillaume Teissier and Florent Lahaye from Orange. Register your attendance to:

  • See Signaling Security from the viewpoints of an Operator, Vendor and an Auditor
  • Understand how multiple perspectives of Signaling Security may be true at the same time
  • Discover how we can work together to overcome the security challenges facing mobile network technology

We’ll also be holding a Q&A session at the end, so be sure to dial in and get involved with the discussion!

Signaling Security from 3 Perspectives: Operator, Vendor & Auditor


29 Oct 2019


2:00 pm CET



    Hit the button below and we'll see you then!

    Care to join us?

    Photo Fredrick Soderlund in a speech bubble

    Fredrik Söderlund
    Software System Security Advisor, Sinch

    Photo of Tobias Engel in a Speech Bubble

    Tobias Engel
    Senior Security Researcher, GSMK

    Photo of Guillame Teisser

    Guillaume Teissier
    Security Researcher, Orange

    Picture of Florent Lahaye in a speech bubble

    Florent Lahaye
    Security Researcher, Orange

    Photo of Eric Gauthier in a speech bubble

    Eric Gauthier
    Director Technical Fraud and Revenue Assurance, Orange

    Sinch Arc

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