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Conversational Marketing: The new direct marketing paradigm

Location: Online

27 April 2021

Sinch Arc

Welcome to the post-app era

While many consumers still use mobile apps, building and supporting them is time consuming and expensive. More importantly, apps have never been able to reach the majority of a businesses’ customers and prospects.

We are delighted to partner with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) in a three-part Messaging webinar series, which will delve into how new messaging channels and technologies provide reach and rich app-like experiences. You will also discover how messaging gives enterprises new opportunities to drive better engagement and conversion by transforming the customer experience into a competitive advantage.

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Today’s consumers expect two-way communication with brands at their convenience.

Conversational marketing allows marketers to deliver an app-like experience and dialogue with customers on their preferred messaging channel, at any time, while retaining context and continuity.

This webinar will showcase how conversational messaging is reshaping brands direct-to-consumer strategy, why it is blurring the lines between marketing and service and hear from brands that have successfully employed messaging to improve the customer experience.

When: Tuesday 27th April 2021 at 2pm EDT

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Matt Ramerman

President, Sinch for Marketing - Sinch

Whitney Perez

Director of Product Management, Digital Care (Chatbots & AI) - GoDaddy

Sinch Arc

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