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Mobile Consumer Engagement in 2020

Customer engagement via mobile shouldn’t be a challenge, yet so many businesses are struggling to find their way. Why?

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Our latest report ‘Mobile consumer engagement 2020’ dives into mobile messaging on a global scale and looks at how businesses can make the most of it to engage with customers. Download the full report for key insights on:

  • Adding value and maintaining relevance in business marketing

  • Meeting consumers on the channels that are right for them

  • Building trust to ensure long-lasting relationships

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Mobile messaging is 10x more effective than email – watch the video to find out more!

Key Insights

Key takeaways to excel in mobile consumer engagement for 2020 and beyond:

  • Mobile messaging is 35x more effective than email – emails are significantly more likely to be ignored than a text message

  • Explore unmet needs. Untapped potential exists in how businesses can better serve customers through notifications, rich messaging and chat bots. The opportunity gap is huge

  • Prioritize value. Service messages are welcome, but so are promotional messages, if they’re personalized, relevant and timely

  • Build trust. Making connections on mobile is at the core of customer engagement, but it’s contingent on trust. Companies that build consumer trust outperform organizations that don’t

  • Value consumer privacy. Consumers are open to sharing their data and receiving content from brands they trust. Companies need to articulate how they provide tangible value and safeguard data

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The survey

Sinch explores the messaging scenarios consumers find useful and welcome – and those where they experience great trepidation. As a result, Sinch gathered insights from 2,300 consumers across the globe and perspectives from leaders in customer engagement at brands including Oracle, Uber and Adobe.

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Consumers are open to messaging with retailers about customer loyalty and promotions too – so long as it’s customized to their personal purchasing history. That’s why mobile marketing is important, but it needs to be relevant. Personalized marketing messages are currently most accepted by consumers in Australia, the UK, the US and Germany.

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Up to 80%

of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when a brand offers relevant, personalized mobile marketing.

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Exploit the opportunity gap

Customer experience management: What notifications would be useful vs what notifications are being received

Consumers are ready to receive notifications across many vertical markets, but businesses are not yet building their customer engagement strategy with this in mind – the opportunity is there to be seized. Source: Sinch

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“Consumers are willing to engage with businesses through messaging, so long as businesses respect the private nature of a mobile phone number.”

Jonathan Bean, CMO at Sinch

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Consumers are happier to share an email address with a business rather than a mobile phone number. This is likely because many have more than one email address versus just a single phone number. 40% of millennials and Gen Z say they maintain a special email address just for spam.

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of millennials and Gen Z are dodging spam emails.

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Consumers wish for simplicity

Q: Would it be useful if all your mobile chats took place using your phone’s default TXT/SMS application?

Over 88% of consumers said they’d find it useful to have all mobile chats take place on their phone in a native app. Source: Sinch

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Pressing ‘mute’ on mobile apps

Q: How do you decide whether to disable app-based notifications on your phone?

71% of consumers say they “often” or “sometimes” silence notifications on their phones. What drives the desire to mute? Source: Sinch

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Consumers are wary of mobile apps and social media marketing. 80% say they only download apps from companies they know and trust. 72% are concerned about mobile apps tracking their movements. And 60% avoid putting apps on their phones because they don’t trust how companies will use their data.

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The Mobile Customer Engagement 2020 report draws on a survey of 2,300 consumers fielded in August 2019. The survey studied consumers’ current and desired use of mobile messaging, as well as their attitudes about data privacy, chatbots and customer engagement. Countries represented in the report include Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and Sweden.

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