How Beyond ONE enhances customer experience and prevents revenue leakage with real-time charging

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Learn how Sinch’s real-time charging system allows Beyond ONE to monitor usage of pre-paid bundles for its MVNOs
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Challenge: Accurately monitor usage of pre-paid service bundles 

Solution: Implement Sinch’s real-time charging system for precise billing 

Results: Improved customer experience and reduced revenue leakage


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Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Kuwait

Beyond ONE is a digital services provider and TMT-sector (technology, media, and telecommunications) investment and operations company based in Dubai. In 2023, they announced the acquisition of two mobile virtual network operators (MVNO): Virgin Mobile Latin America (VMLA) and Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa (VMMEA). 

Across both MVNOs, Beyond ONE now serves over six million users across multiple regions. Most users pre-pay for bundles of services. In some cases, they even build their own customized bundles which include local data and minutes, as well as services like international calling and roaming. 

The challenge of real-time charging systems 

To accurately charge customers for their bundles, Beyond ONE required a cloud-based solution capable of monitoring customer usage. Sinch’s real-time charging system provided the necessary infrastructure to enable these services as customers add them to their bundles and ensure accurate billing. 

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Whether a customer is making a call, browsing the internet, or sending messages, the system guarantees that their prepaid bundles are correctly debited in real-time. Once the prepaid amount is depleted, the service is immediately suspended to prevent any revenue leakage or loss for the operator. 

Why real-time charging provides a better customer experience 

“We never lose the focus on the customer. We work every day to make sure that we are dedicating our efforts toward providing the best experience to the customer,” says Salvatore Traina, Beyond ONE’s Group Chief Technology Officer. 

The real-time charging system seamlessly integrates with the product catalog as well as the Virgin mobile app that customers use to manage their services. Together, these components allow Beyond ONE to offer customers flexible packages that meet their needs without the risk of revenue leakage for operators. 

For example, in the UAE, Beyond ONE launched new features for groups. Users can set up a group where members can call each other for free or share data. This service is another layer on the Sinch platform, which now includes capabilities to manage group dynamics and ensure proper charging among these subscriptions. 

Selecting a partner for continued growth 

Beyond ONE’s adoption of Sinch’s real-time charging system is a pivotal part of their ambitious growth plans. This system not only supports current operational needs but also provides the latency and capacity they need to scale. 

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“Charging systems are complex,” explains Salvatore. “It’s crucial to maintain a system that continuously adapts to market developments and our product catalog.” 

Additionally, Sinch’s commitment to interoperability, using industry-standard APIs from Teleforum, ensures that Beyond ONE's network is poised for future advancements, including 5G technologies. This capability allows for effective service orchestration and network configuration across various telecommunications domains, enhancing the overall efficiency of the network. 

With Sinch, Beyond ONE is equipped to manage the complexities of real-time charging and maintain a customer-first approach, all while staying ready for the next generation of telecom innovations as they pursue ambitious growth objectives. 

Sinch is a critical component to our digital stack which allows us to offer a better customer experience to our customers.
Salvatore Traina
Group Chief Technology Officer, Beyond ONE