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Discover how companies and organizations across industries are integrating real-time communications to enhance the in-app experience.


Truly on demand with real-time communications

There's an app for doctors, cleaners, cookies, for flowers, and even movers on demand. When you can have any product or service with the tap of a finger, real-time communications is one of the most important feature sets any on-demand app can have to ensure transactions are completed successfully. Phone to Phone calling enables service providers and users to reach others without ever sharing a personal phone number.

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Enrich your app experience

Communications, messaging, and social networking apps rely on user interaction for success. Widely adopted messaging apps, like Tango, WhatsApp, and Messenger, are regularly enhancing features to provide users with more methods for real-time communication vs the standard asynchronous chat functionality.

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Customer Support

An unparalleled customer support experience

Provide users additional customer support touch points that extend the reach of your call center or existing customer support framework. With free wifi calling, your users can reach customer support from anywhere in the world, even when traveling.

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The highest level of service, anytime, anywhere

Give consumers highly personalized, online financial services with the integration of real-time communications. From portfolio management to general account questions, when your customers can reach you via voice, video, or messaging, you can provide the highest level of service, anytime, anywhere, all while ensuring user information is secure with verification.

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An improved level of care

Healthcare professionals and patients can communicate in-app over voice, chat, or video, to resolve health questions and concerns quickly and with greater efficiency, while maintaining privacy.

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Enterprise Collaboration

Collaborate across the globe with ease

With increasingly flex work schedules and global, cross-functional teams, you can enable users to make free calls with WiFi calling and reach others anywhere in the world for ultimate productivity.

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Communications for the virtual classroom

Create richer, more interactive educational experience with real-time communications. Students can get study help from experienced tutors, reach teachers, or even communicate with classmates, all in-app for a secure and protected environment.

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A seamless buying and selling experience

The key to any great online marketplace is the communication between buyers and sellers. By adding Sinch real-time communications, like app to app calling or app to phone calling, buyers and sellers can communicate easily and effectively without necessarily sharing personal phone numbers.

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Create lifetime customers

Let shoppers access the brick and mortar experience from anywhere. Real-time communications like video, voice, and instant message, means retailers can personally engage, provide support, and provide the exceptional service that will set them apart from the competition and create lifetime customers.

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Connect people for romance & friendship

Your mobile app daters can connect via voice instead of just via messaging before a date, for an added level of personal connection. Our voice solutions enable in-app anonymous calling, which means daters wouldn't have to exchange numbers before they're ready.

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Give gamers a wholly immersive experience

Drive downloads, improve app discovery, and even verify users with Sinch. For example, a user enters their phone number on your site, they receive a text with a link to download, and now you can send timely notifications on game status or friends who've joined.

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