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In App Calling

In App Calling

Make it easy for your users to make voice calls directly in your app with In App Calling.

Why In App Calling?

Enrich your app experience with voice calling and keep your users active and engaged. In App calling allows you to bring a new communication layer to your app. Communication is a basic human need and voice is still the most personal and interactive way to connect two or more people.

Increase Engagement

Keep your users engaged and retained by integrating In App Calling. Calls are originated from your app and not the native phone dial pad, which means before, during and after the call, your users are still engaged with your app experience. Make your app more sticky and social with voice calling, giving you users a new ways to communicate with each other.

Low Cost Calling

Mix in app calling and data calling to offer a low cost calling feature to your users. Read more about this feature in our Social App case study.

Add In App Calling to your applications and call other users or landline and cell phone numbers directly within your app. Using data and Wi-Fi, call across the world for a fraction of the cost and offer low cost calling to your users.

Easy to Integrate

Sinch deals with all of the heavy lifting, taking care of the backend and complexity of adding voice communications to your apps. This makes it simple and quick to add into your existing app.

More Information

For more information on how to get started with Sinch, take a look at our documentation, read about our Voice API, or contact the sales team at to learn how you can integrate In App Calling with Sinch.